Mental fitness starts here

Manage anxiety, depression, stress, substance use, addiction and other challenges.

MindClub America is a one-stop shop behavioral health solution for employers.

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34% of adults with a mental illness also struggled with a substance use disorder

1 in 5

1 in 5 adults experience mental illness each year

Employer Chart

More than half of adults with a mental illness do not receive treatment

Results employers want

Outcomes you can expect:

Lower Costs

20% per member per year reduction in health care expenses

Decreased Turnover

Fewer missed work days

Better Mental Health

Employees report better mental health

Three key elements

  1. Employers do not pay any fees to MindClub America like employee assistance programs charge
  2. Employees and family members see a therapist online or in-person within two days of contacting us
  3. Employees and family members are "Club Members" at no cost and benefit from early detection, personal guidance, and can participate with anonymity
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Personalized care for the whole family

We help each employee develop a personalized mental fitness plan supported by self-paced eLearning, our rewards system and other tools to encourage engagement. And we know stressors in the family are a drain on productivity. We have solutions such as Parent Inner Circle. Many parents have a struggling teenager or your adult, and we use a proven program that helps parents.

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We can complement any employee assistance program

We provide your employees with valuable tools that improve their health and decrease your health care expenses.

We make it super easy:

  • MindClub America can complement any EAP
  • We provide or manage all behavioral health services
  • We have an onboarding series that is educational for employees
  • We file insurance claims on behalf of your employees

It is super easy for employers to make us available to employees. Just give employees our phone number.

Call us at (833) 833-9655

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